Surge Protection Installation in Houma

Surge Protection

Talk to your local Houma electrician about premium surge protection. Power surges present a real danger and issue in areas of intense weather and frequent power outages. MK Electric Man knows that all it takes is one power surge strong enough to seriously damage other components of your electrical system and mar hundreds of dollars worth of appliances and electronic devices. The superior surge protection that we install in your home will help protect all of your electrical belongings from severe voltage spikes so you don't have to run around unplugging everything when lightning strikes.

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Even though lighting storms are most commonly associated with power surges, surges can indeed happen anywhere at any time and it's not predictable. Have you ever turned on your vacuum cleaner or turned on your TV and seen your other lights flicker? That's a power surge. It may not be severe enough to flip a breaker or immediately ruin appliances, but these small, constant surges can wear down an appliance's circuit board.

You may be thinking "Well, I'm protected. I've purchased surge-protected power strips!" The unfortunate truth to this is that those strips are very limited when it comes to actual surge protection. Most of your larger, more expensive appliances like your washing machine and refrigerator can't be plugged into a strip; they must be plugged directly into the wall. Newer appliances advertise that they have built-in surge protection but the idea behind this is the same. They just can't stand up to strong surges.

Whole-house Coverage

The surge protectors that we expertly install integrate straight into your electrical panel or breaker box for whole-house coverage. Did you know that most electrical companies recommend two layers of surge protection for optimal coverage? A lot of insurance companies suggest that you have whole house surge protection installed. Give us a call today and we'll be glad to come assess your surge protection needs so we can effectively install protection.

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