Houma Electrical Outlets and Switches


Your home's electrical wiring would be all but useless if you did not have outlets and switches to regulate what in your home receives power. MK Electric Man has years of experience installing electrical outlets and switches in any room in your house to make sure you have the level of convenience and control you need. Our Houma electricians are fully trained and licensed so you can rest assured that your new electrical fixtures will be up to the safety codes. Call us today so we can begin planning and executing the new installation of your outlets and switches.

Professional and Reliable Electrical Services

Have you ever been in a room and wondered why there is only one plug in the most inconvenient location possible? Instead of risking your safety by plugging power cords upon power cords in to reach your appliances, call your local Houma electrician and we can install a brand new electrical outlet for you. While you are at it, why not consider installing GFCI outlets in rooms with heavy electrical usage? Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets have built-in switches that will temporarily turn off power to your outlet if the electrical load exceeds the limit. It's the same concept behind the plugs on most hair dryers. GFCI outlets are recommended for kitchens and bathrooms because they house the most power-hungry appliances.

Control Switches

Switches are used to control your lights, ceiling fans, or even whether your outlets receive electricity. They are great for convenience and to make sure you have ample control of your fixtures. Switches can be installed when you have new lighting systems installed in your house or just if you need more control of your appliances. A great example of this is in some bedrooms, you can have a switch that controls your ceiling fan and another that controls the light on your ceiling fan so you don't have to strain to reach the pull strings.


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