Electrical Installation for Remodeling in Houma


Home remodeling is an exciting venture that takes a lot of planning and may require a bit of professional help, especially if you are dealing with any electrical components. Whether you are hiring a contractor to complete the remodeling or are an avid DIYer, please keep in mind that building safety codes must be upheld, especially regarding electrical wiring. This may seem like just another frustrating thing you have to plan for, but our biggest concern at MK Electric Man is our customers' safety.

Professional and Reliable Electrical Services

It is difficult to remodel without affecting your electrical system. Installing new lighting or extra plugs falls under the umbrella of what our Houma electricians specialize in. Don't limit yourself to just adding more counter space or cabinets when you remodel. The possibilities are endless. Don't forget that you can add a whole new look to a room by adding aesthetic lighting systems like recessed lighting or new fixtures to highlight key areas in your rooms. Have you ever wished you had more outlets in a room? Well, we can easily install new power outlets for your convenience!

Planning Remodeling

Any time you are thinking about beginning a remodeling project, give MK Electric Man a call. We can help you plan out the electrical work that needs to be done. Even if you aren't planning on adding any electrical fixtures, it's a good idea to always schedule an electrical safety code inspection to make sure your wiring is up to date and that no mishaps occur during the remodeling process.

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