Gray Electrical Contractor

Gray, LA

Are you in need of a Gray electrician? Having an electrician on hand is a good idea for planning for any homeowner. We at MK Electric Man are always here to lend a helping hand to those who need any type of electrical repairs whether it be troubleshooting a broken outlet to helping rewire your home to update your system. We pride ourselves on being able to offer superior installation services, as well. Our team installs everything from lighting systems inside and outside your home to home generators and new outlets or switches. Give us a call anytime you need an electrician and we'll be there for you.

Gray Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs will seem like a breeze when you have us on your side. We carefully troubleshoot every electrical problem we are asked to look at so we can make sure to effectively plan a course of action for the repair. Often repairs are simple enough that the solution is quick work for our experienced team but we like to make absolute certain that there are no lingering effects that might cause further problems down the road.

Gray Electrical Code Inspection

Keeping your electrical system up to code is very important. These safety codes are put into place to protect you, your family, and those around you because electrical systems can pose serious risks if not taken care of and kept up to date. New technology is being developed all the time for appliances and electronics so your wiring and electrical fixtures need to be able to withstand the electrical draw necessary to run these effectively. We work on a very strict checklist of items to make sure your wiring and components are in perfect working order.

Gray Switches and Outlets

Never again worry about the inconvenience of a lack of outlets or switches. We can help you plan on optimal locations and install these new electrical fixtures for you with ease. Outlets are like any other electric fixture and must be kept up to date. A good way to tell if you need outlet work is if your current ones only have holes for two prongs instead of the standard three used today. Make sure that only a licensed electrician works on these because it is not as simple as just attaching an updated outlet; your wiring needs the be updated to suit the three-pronged outlet as well.


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