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Anyone who has been without power long enough to lose a refrigerator full of groceries knows how frustrating and costly it can be to go without power for prolonged periods. MK Electric Man is here to offer a great solution to extended power loss. We offer premium home generator installation services so you can protect your appliances and not suffer loss from things like ruined groceries. Our Houma electricians have years of experience helping customers assess their power needs and choosing the correct generator for their homes.

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The two most common types of generators are the portable generator and the standby generator. Portable generators are what you most commonly see in your local home improvement store. They run on a small tank of gasoline or propane and can only power one or two bigger appliances. These are good all-purpose generators and are ideal for camping or emergencies if nothing else is available but they are clunky, last only a short time, and are hard to drag out in time to be effective.

Recommended Standby Generators

We recommend the installation of standby generators for efficient uninterrupted power supply. Standby generators are permanently installed fixtures on the outside of your house. They come in varying models depending on your home's wattage needs. Most of the time, homes usually only require enough power to run major systems like your refrigerator, water heater, and maybe even your HVAC system if need be. Standby generators also have different starting mechanisms. Some models can detect when your main power is out and will automatically kick on for the shortest turnaround. Other ones can be set to only kick on when you manually trigger it. No matter what your preference is, our electricians for Houma will professionally install your new generator so you can enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted power.

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