Houma Electrical Contractor

Houma, LA

MK Electric Man has years of experience providing our customers with high-quality electric services including repairs, installation, and maintenance. We strive to make sure that all of our work is the best you can get. Our Houma electricians are fully trained with the industry's best practices in mind and we only use state-of-the-art equipment to help us carry out all of our electrical work. We make sure that your electrical system is always up to date so your appliances and the rest of your system don't suffer any loss of efficiency.

Houma Electrical Repairs

Anything from a power surge to faulty wiring can cause electrical issues that need to be repaired by a licensed electrician. We troubleshoot all electrical issues to make sure that we can effectively repair the issues before we begin work. It's important that only a professional carry out repairs so no more damage is done. It is easy to make a mistake that can cost you hundreds of dollars in appliances and possibly require your whole house to be rewired.

Houma Solar Power Installation

Solar power systems are an effective step towards going "green." We offer full installation of photovoltaic systems so you can start reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying a lower power bill. Solar panels are a great supplement to any electrical system because they have no negative effects on the environment so you can feel good about your home.

Houma Lighting Repairs

If your lights are prone to constant flickering or stop working even after you have replaced the light bulb, it may mean that you need to have them checked by a licensed electrician. We at MK Electric Man have years of experience with installing and repairing all types of lighting systems inside your house and out. Don't hesitate to give us a call the moment you notice a constant problem.


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