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Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels are where the electrical wiring for your house is connected to circuit breakers. You may hear electric panels also referred to as breaker boxes because of this. It's important to keep your panels up to date because it is like the main hub of your electrical system. MK Electric Man wants to help make sure that your electrical panel can withstand the electrical draw to the rest of your house. Our Houma electrical experts will be glad to help you assess whether or not you need to replace your panel with an upgrade or if it would better benefit you to get a sub-panel. A few good signs that you may need to have your panel upgraded are if you experience an overabundance of breaker "pops" or when a breaker cuts off power to a certain section of your home when it experienced a load greater than it is prepared for. If you are considering getting your home rewired, it is always good practice to make sure your panel can handle it.

Professional and Reliable Electrical Services

There are a few different types of electrical panels. The two most widespread are the main breaker panels and the main lug panel. You most commonly main lug panels in homes today. These are the panels that have individual breaker controls in your home but have a main cut-off breaker that controls everything elsewhere, like your electrical meter. The other type of panel, the main breaker panel, is exactly like its sounds. The main breaker, or the main cut-off switch, is located directly on the breaker box so you have easy access in the event of an emergency like a fire. Ask one of our electrical professionals if you are not sure what type your house has and which would be best for your needs.

Recent Additions

If you have recently remodeled or built a room addition to your house, you may not necessarily need a panel upgrade. You may consider the less expensive and less invasive method of adding what is called a sub-panel. This is just an add-on breaker box that will accommodate the extra wiring and will leave room for more expansion.

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