What It Means If You’ve Been Told You Need A Panel Upgrade

What It Means If You’ve Been Told You Need A Panel Upgrade

Your home is an ever-changing environment. The longer you stay there, the more changes you will end up making along the way. One of those features may be your home’s electrical system. The best way to summarize this is that a panel upgrade is a makeover and home improvement, but for your electrical system.

It could even be that you are buying an older home and have heard this term mentioned. Maybe your home inspection report came back with this notated. Surprisingly, today’s technological advancements have created a high demand for electricity, so your home doesn’t have to be that old to be a good candidate for a panel upgrade.

Deciding What’s Right For You

As a Houma homeowner, you probably have a lot on your to-do checklist, as it is. The thought of adding a panel upgrade to your tasks means that you need to be really sure that this is a must. Keep in mind, opting for a panel upgrade is not just about convenience, it is about safety, first and foremost.

The main function of the electrical panel is to determine the amount of power that is available and how it will be distributed to your outlets, appliances and lights. So, the older the panel, the less equipped it is to be able to keep up with modern day demand.

You need to replace your panel if it has been deemed that your existing one is just not safe anymore. This is often due to either age or if the work was not properly executed in the first place.

Many other times, a panel upgrade will make itself known. Are you unplugging one appliance in order to have the energy to run another? Are you frequently blowing fuses or tripping breakers when using your appliances? If you answered yes, you need to get serious about getting this service need addressed, ASAP.

If you want to better protect your gadgets, such as your laptop or the mobile device you need to charge, you should consider updating. Outdated panels are notorious for shorting out, and that means destroying what you have plugged in there in the process, unless you have them plugged in via a surge protector.

Some common symptoms that should indicate you need to upgrade the electrical system in your home are circuit breakers that often trip, you have created an electrical sub-system consisting of extension cords or you notice your lights dim when other appliances are used.

Don’t Hesitate When it Comes to Your Safety

The bottom line is that anything in your home that could potentially pose a threat, should be fixed. And as you are well aware, electrical work is nothing to play around with. So, the sooner you at least have your main electrical panel inspected to get a professional opinion, the better.

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