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Lighting systems serve many purposes. With advances in technology, lights don't have to be strictly functional. Installed correctly, they can provide a great ambiance and even heightened security. MK Electric Man wants to help you plan and install the perfect lighting systems inside and outside of your home. We can help you plan where your lights will do the most good so you can enjoy them to their fullest. Our Houma lighting installation specialists take pride in being able to help not only install but also arrange lighting fixtures where you want them.

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Types of Lighting We Install:

Interior Lighting

Interior lights are integral to your home. Without them, you would not have sufficient lighting to see when it is dark outside and poor lighting can lead to decreased eyesight. We can help you replace those ugly chandeliers that look like they were installed a century ago. We also want to help you install new light fixtures in rooms that need a bit more lighting.

Landscape Lighting

You've spent valuable time and effort in making sure your lawn is perfectly manicured and you are proud of it. Why not enjoy it even in the nighttime? We can help you perfectly plan where to install landscape lights to help accent your landscape. The lighting also helps highlight potential tripping hazards for when you take your evening strolls.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is extremely important for homes that have many dark areas around the property. The idea behind security lighting is that it's difficult to lurk and burgle in well-lit areas. Security lighting is best when installed on darkened walkways or highlighting areas that are covered by trees or a lot of foliage. We completely assess your home and help make educated suggestions on where to place the lighting will be most beneficial.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has endless possibilities. They can be used to accent the mantle above your fireplace or installed in your kitchen for better visibility while cooking without being too harsh. Recessed lighting can be tricky to install alone but with the help of the team at MK Electric Man, it's a breeze. We can get your lighting installed in no time. Feel free to give us a call for your pricing estimate and to ask any questions you may have.

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