Professional Code Inspections in Houma

Code Inspections

Electrical systems, just like any other built, fundamental component of your home, must uphold local and federal safety codes. It's extremely important that your wiring is up to code for the safety of you, your family, and those who live around you. MK Electric Man has years of experience undertaking electrical safety code inspections. Our Houma electrical professionals use a comprehensive checklist to make sure that everything is in order. Don't wait until you already have electrical issues to schedule an appointment. Call us today to learn more about what we look for and how it can benefit you now.

Professional and Reliable Electrical Services

All home needs to have electrical inspections, but even more so for older homes. One of the most important things we look for is if your wiring is up to date and can handle the electrical load needed to power a home running on modern appliances. Technology has advanced a lot in such a short period and with that, wiring and electrical components like outlets must follow suit. If your home has out-of-date wiring or outlets, it could cause permanent damage to your home and appliances. One indication that your wiring may be out of date is if you have outlets that do not support the three-pronged plugs most commonly used for appliances and electronics. This is a ground and important for thwarting electrical shorts and sparks. Keep in mind that in some cases, less than reputable electricians have been known to bypass this by placing the three-pronged outlets on wiring that's not meant to handle that draw.

Updated Methods

There are also out-of-date wiring methods that could pose serious health threats. One is the knob and tube wiring. While it is not dangerous in itself, it certainly cannot stand up to the electrical load necessary. This method also lacks grounding wiring and the actual wiring is not insulated or covered so if something like a pile of dust or house insulation touches it at the right moment, it could ignite. The other type of wiring to keep a lookout for is aluminum wiring. This was used to cut costs on using the more expensive copper wire. While intentions might have been in the right place, future safety concerns weren't weighed in. Aluminum wiring can expand and contract with the weather and humidity levels. Unfortunately, the electrical fixtures and outlets commonly installed with aluminum wiring do not swell at all.


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