Schriever Electrical Contractor

Schriever, LA

MK Electric Man has been your local Schriever electrician since 1998. Our licensed team is constantly trained to keep up with the latest industry safety practices and technological advances. As the technology used in making modern appliances advances, your electrical system needs to be constantly monitored to make sure that it can handle the electrical load needed to run your house. We are more than happy to lend a hand with all of your repairs, installations, and maintenance. From your lighting system to your outlets and switches, we have got you covered!

Schriever Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs should only be carried out by a licensed electrician like those at MK Electric Man. It is always good practice to analyze a home's electrical system before repairing a component because the issue may be a symptom instead of a cause. For example, if your wiring is an out-of-date method like aluminum wiring or knob & tube and you plug in a modern TV to an outlet, the outlet may get fried and stop working. However, repairing the outlet will do no good unless the wiring is replaced. In most cases, though, electrical repairs are conducted with no problem whatsoever.

Schriever Solar Power Installation

Installing a solar power system in your home is a great way to help join the "green" cause. It not only reduces your monthly electrical payment but also causes no harmful effects to the environment. We take absolute care to assess your electrical needs and then design a solar system around the power load and the size and shape of your home so you can count on your panels to supply a healthy amount of electricity to your home.

Schriever Lighting Repairs

We have years of experience installing numerous types of lighting systems for the inside and outside of your house. With the ability to install items comes the necessity to repair them, too. Your lights are constantly used and due to age and wear and tear, they could start to decrease in performance. Rather than having to worry about finding replacement lights and reinstalling them, give us a call and we will be glad to repair them instead!


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