Commercial Surge Protection – Why Every Business Needs It

Commercial Surge Protection – Why Every Business Needs It

As a business owner, you know how important your company’s material assets are since you’ve invested so much into them. While you probably already use surge protection strips for the company computers, a commercial surge protection system can be installed instead or as the first line of defense in case a power strip fails.

The last thing you probably want to think about is dealing with another expense. However, a commercial surge protection system installation is one small investment you can make for your business that actually has the potential to bring you more ROI value.

Understanding The Different Reasons For Power Surges

Lightning strikes can produce a significant amount of electrical current, of course, but there are other reasons for power surges as well.

  • Electrical company grid switching
  • Wiring shorts
  • Equipment or appliance malfunctions
  • Electrical overloads caused by humans

Surges also frequently happen through the communication lines of the building.

Where Commercial Surge Protection Systems Are Installed

Commercial surge protection systems are installed directly into the building’s main electrical panel and strategically throughout the facility by an electrician. Each wiring circuit that runs through the building will be protected by a surge protector. This is a device that is designed to divert high-current surges to ground so that it can bypass the wiring circuit that runs through the building.

Ask your electrician to also install surge protection devices to protect your phone, cable, and data lines.

How Commercial Surge Protection Works To Protect Your Assets

Businesses who decide to move ahead with a commercial surge protection system installation, enjoy a return on investment value by avoiding having to repair or replace the assets listed below. It protects all of your company assets, not just the computers, including:

  • The building itself
  • All the electrical circuits in the building
  • The building’s HVAC system
  • The building’s lighting
  • The building’s emergency systems (fire sirens, exit signs, etc)
  • The building’s intercom or surveillance system
  • All business appliances
  • All business electronics

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