Should I Have Solar Panels Installed?

Should I Have Solar Panels Installed?

Solar power has been around for decades, and it's been rapidly growing in popularity as an energy source for homes. US homes have had passive solar heating system since the 1940s, but solar powered homes have only become popular in the past 2-3 decades.

The benefits of solar energy are immediately obvious. Sunlight is always accessible, solar energy is clean and gives off no greenhouse emissions, and using solar energy is much less expensive. So why aren't more homes equipped with solar panels?

Suffice is to say that homeowners still feel "iffy" about using solar energy. While the popularity of solar power has increased, many homeowners still have questions:

  • How much money can solar panels save?
  • Are solar panels worth the investment?
  • How significant of an effect will they have on the environment?

Before you make a big decision like this one, it is always important to weigh your options. At MK Electric Man, our electricians can help you decide whether solar panels are right for your home, and we can provide you with a high quality installation. Here are a few of the benefits that solar panels can provide you with:

Lower Electricity Costs

After installing solar panels, you'll see a rapid and significant decline in your electricity costs. Most homeowners can expect to see their electricity costs drop by more than 50%. Solar panels will pay for themselves very quickly.

Save Money with Tax Incentives

The federal solar tax credit, which is also known as the investment tax credit (or ITC), allows you to deducts 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. But it's important to act fast.

  • From now until 2019, the tax credit remains at 30%.
  • In 2020, it drops to 26%.
  • In 2021, it drops to 22%.
  • In 2022, it permanently drops to 10%.

Help the Environment

Solar energy helps the environment tremendously. Sunlight is completely renewable, and in one day, it provides 6,000 times more electricity than the world uses in one year. Your solar panels won't create any emissions whatsoever. On average, a homeowner using solar electricity will offset the same amount of carbon as if they had planted 2,500 trees of cut down on their driving by 285,000 miles.


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